Firefox 2.0 – A better browser perhaps

Thank goodness for common sense.

Having started using online/web-based application almost exclusively (rarely use desktop apps) including

  • writely for word processing,
  • webmail, including gmail
  • airset for calendaring,
  • irows for spreadsheet,
  • thinkfree for office equivalents,
  • vyew for webconferencing and skypecast for web voice seminars
  • userplane for videoconferencing
  • several apps from 37 signals
  • meebo for instant messaging
  • springdoo for video email
  • yackpack for group voice conferencing/messaging

BUT its very frustrating that neither IE or Firefox have a recovery capability to re-open the browser to its last state if the browser session terminates for whatever reason (powersupply interruption, program termination). And whilst my “Home” location opens multiple tabs of many of the above apps, it doesn’t re-open any extra tabs I’ve had open whilst “link surfing” – I usually don’t know their urls/names either as I just clicked on links.

So its great news that Firefox 2.0 will restore your session after it crashes. Given that IE7 is only just coming out, it seems bizarre that Microsoft hasn’t included this capability (at least not that I’ve heard).


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