40% of wine & champagne at Threshers – great tip from Stormhoek

Ok, I appreciate it won’t be entirely in keeping with my normal musings but stick with me. Thanks to the guys at Stormhoek Wine for this massive tip off.

For ten days, from 30 November until 10 December, Threshers will offering 40% off ALL their wine. That means all Stormhoek, all red and white, all French, all Spanish, all Australian, all Champagne. Everything.

To take advantage of this you need to download one of the coupons here, kindly provided by Stormhoek. Threshers are reportedly not promoting this offer – simply a word of mouth thing. For Threshers part it’s quite an interesting test of how powerful viral marketing is. Tada, that’s the link with the blog.

Thanks to Alistair Morrell (top bloke) of Stormhoek for letting people know, who happens to be coming along with me to the England v South Africa rugby game with at Twickenham tomorrow (25th Nov). And of course to Hugh Macloud who is publicising on his blog, which is famous for its cartoons on the back of a business card.


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