Just sitting in listening to the third speaker of this evening’s event (wonderfully organised by sarah blow), – maryam scoble, robert scoble’s wife.

She’s one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve seen speak at the event & without any agenda.

It drew into sharp contrast the previous 2 speakers on the bill – one was a chap who did a product pitch & the second was a lady who was staggeringly patronising to women, which was odd considering it was a girl geek dinner! Her pearls included
– don’t dress provocatively if you are a women (can men dress provocatively?)
– don’t sleep with your male colleagues
– might be unwise to sue for harassment because it may affect your career
– women spend their lives looking for Mr Right
– be more complementary (normal people give 12 critical comments for every one of praise; winners do 12 praise comments & only 1 negative apparently – not sure where Gordon Ramsey the chef fits into this model))
– women are useless at networking, because they try to make friends unlike men who seek to do business.

In case you don’t believe me, Ian Forrestor of bbc backstage, geekdinner & cubic garden fame did a video of the event which he will publish soon.

Aside from Ian & the Scobles (not a band!), it was great to see Hugh Macloud resplendent in dapper suit & tie (inc great shirt). The number of folks who feature his cartoons on the back of their business cards is getting huge & apparently its almost mandatory on the west coast of USA.

Hugh also told me that Threshers web site crashed off the back of people looking for the 40% off coupon! Should have gone to Stormhoek website.

Hugh is also organsing a pub crawl for the Scobles this Friday – meet at Eros in Picadilly at 1pm.

Steve Clayton of Microsoft blogging fame was there tonight, together with Katie Ledger – both great company.

Weird thing was, after having just driven back to London after 3 days on biz in Yorkshire, its so clear that tonight’s (insular?) discussion has someway to become mainstream. Yet what is niche & early adopter today seems to hit mainstream so much faster than ever provided its useful eg youtube; mobile photoblogs; google maps.

So tonight, maybe I heard next’s years headlines!

Comment posted by Tracy Booysen
at 11/30/2006 1:28:00 PM
I totally agree, in fact I published a similar post about the geek dineer as well. I really think that the dinners have so much to offer and should not be spoiled.


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