The Cloud – Wifi in the City

The Cloud launched their much heralded wifi network that supposedly covers the City of London (as distinct from Greater London inc West End etc). There is a free month’s trial, which I signed up for.

As I spend much time travelling round the City to meetings, I’m an ideal prospect for the service, but I’m not sure that there are many others in a similar situation.

Well my experiences with it have been very poor in the first couple of days, manifesting itself as low strength signal and slow connectivity, assuming I could even connect in the first place. This post was going to have been sent from a coffee shop near Aldgate whilst I was waiting to go to a meeting opposite but the Cloud’s was proving unreliable. Thankfully someone had left their wireless network unsecured in a nearby building so I was able to hitch-hike on it to post this.

I will persevere during the trial but right now I am not a buyer. Meantime, I was also alerted to which reportedly provides a global aggregator service to connect you to wifi networks worldwide via a single account, just like a roaming agreement but for a single monthly price. Sadly their website is very unfriendly and I can’t see where you can see the pricing or where to sign up!

Comment posted by Anonymous
at 4/30/2007 10:20:00 AM
I work for iPass. It sells it’s “Mobile Office” service to the Enterprise. However, they have many resellers that sell the worldwide service to individuals. On the homepage of you’ll see a link that says “Individuals Buy Now”. The URL is:
You will be able find a reseller that best suites you there!

Comment posted by Hawkeye
at 4/27/2007 2:55:00 AM
I am not so sure I would blithely admit to hitch-hiking on an unsecured WiFi network. We are starting to see people being prosecuted for doing exactly that. They are being charged with ‘obtaining services with intent not to pay for them’ or something like that. Admittedly the case I read about was a guy sitting in his car outside someone’s house and connecting via his laptop, but I would think sitting in a coffeeshop across the road is analogous?


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