London gets free wifi

Coming shortly after The Cloud launched their wifi network in the City of London, London is getting another wifi network, but this one is to be ad-funded rather than subscription.

Being offered by and MeshHopper who’ve partnered to create online-4-free, the service will offer free Wi-Fi access along the Thames River for 22 kilometres from Millbank to Greenwich. This new service will not only provide free Wi-Fi Internet access in hotels, restaurants, cafes and offices along the riverside, but also to people in boats on the Thames.

The free Wi-Fi service will be supported by sponsors, and users will be asked to watch a 15-30 second advert in order to obtain 15 minutes of free wireless Internet service; more adverts will be delivered each 15 minutes. Those who may want to bypass those ads need to sign up for the service provided by MeshHopper.

The free service offers download speeds of about 256kbps, while the pay service offers download speeds of 500 kbps — equivalent to the speed of modern cellular data connections.

Free-hotspots operates about 1,500 small networks in locations across Europe.

Coverage info can be found here and below is a map showing reported coverage area.

  • Millbank Pier
  • Westminster Pier
  • Festival Pier
  • Embankment Pier
  • Savoy Pier
  • Bankside Pier
  • RNLI Pier (on Embankment)
  • Blackfriars Pier
  • HMS Belfast
  • Tower Bridge
  • Tower Pier
  • St Katherine’s Pier
  • Wapping Pier
  • Canary Wharf Pier
  • Hilton Pier
  • Greenland Pier
  • Masthouse Pier
  • Greenwich Pier
  • Entrance to Limehouse Marina
  • Cutty Sark + Surrounding Area
  • St Katherine’s Dock (Access Points in the East Basin and the Clock Tower)
  • South Dock Marina (Access Points on the Crane and on the Toilet Block)

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