Selling bras – Making mountains out of molehills

Unusual experience today – met my wife for lunch in the West End, after which she decided she would pop into Bravissimo (Lingerie, Swimwear & Clothing for big boobed women – their strapline, not mine as you can see from their home page) which is just off Oxford Circus.

Well, if there was a wifi connection, I could have spent all day in there, but that’s a different issue.

Anyway, the stores is peppered with little slogans like – “take the plunge with our swimwear” with a picture of an ample lady in a swimsuit etc. Their brand is definitely a humorous and sassy one.

So, whilst I am waiting for my wife, adjacent to me they are running a feedback session on an upcoming advertising campaign. Ladies that have just had the “Bravissimo experience” are being shown a series of ads and asked for their impressions on the message and visuals etc.

Well, as those that know me, I have a tendency to do wisecracks and fancy myself as an hobbyist advertiser (you should hear my mobile phone company campaign song, which I am still amazed Orange didn’t jump at, involving a rewording of the track Shout from Tears for Fears).

So to my wife’s embarrassment, I volunteered a few slogans they might use

– “Bravissimo, your second biggest asset”
– “For girls who can be a handful”
– “You’ve tried the rest, now fit the breast”
– “Bringing out your breast side”
– “This is one cup that shouldn’t overfloweth”
– “Only for girls that can measure up”
– “Bravissimo, Definitely not a cover-up”
– “Bravissimo, You can count on our support”

To her astonishment – they actually liked them! So I now await my royalty cheques and my expulsion notice from Girl Geek Dinners. Meantime, I wonder if Hugh might take an interest in this social object.


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